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We love sewing: designing and making is our passion!

We have long been in love with ethnic fabrics, especially African fabrics; we love both African waxed fabric and hand-painted batik. Do you want to know the history of African fabric?.

There are also other ethnic fabrics that drive us crazy, such as Japanese ones!

In our workshop, we make beautiful and comfortable products for our daily life such as: toilet bags, various types of bags made of African cloth, purses made of wax cloth, document holders, cigarette cases, scarves made of batik cloth, polar necks for when it's very cold... Everything we make is 100% handmade, without any mechanized system, and above all, with all our love.

We also make orders for individuals and companies: a personalized gift for a special person, or a gift for your employees, for a corporate trip, whatever!

If you have seen a particular fabric or design that you have fallen in love with, contact us, you can send us orders through our email

Ask us for an estimate and we will get to work.

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