In our online store you will find different products of quality ethnic handcrafts.

In the Madibashop workshop we create accessories such as: African fabric bags, ethnic purses and toilet bags, fabric tobacco pouches, polar necks, travel document holders... mainly using African
wax and Japanese fabric although we adapt to each project.

We always maintain at all times the artisan process and the quality of the materials we use. All our creations are 100% handmade by us without machinery or automated processes. With which we intend to give a special and unique value to each piece.

We also offer quality jewellery: sterling silver earrings, smooth or combined as for example silver earrings with mother-of-pearl. Ethnic or modern earrings, find your style!

African necklaces made by groups of working women, Tuareg style, ethnic bracelets made with techniques as old as damascene and rings.

We love Tuareg and Kabylie jewellery, very exotic items and delicately handcrafted. A luxury of variety. Leather bags for women, handmade and very well finished, leather handbags, African decorative items, wooden figures, ebony, musical instruments, textiles and African art paintings, with acrylic and sand painting and made with the batik technique.

Come in and discover everything we have selected for you!


  • Madibashop's creations

    Items created by @madibashopcom in Barcelona

    We love sewing: designing and making is our passion!

    We have long been in love with ethnic fabrics, especially African fabrics; we love both African waxed fabric and hand-painted batik. Do you want to know the history of African fabric?.

    There are also other ethnic fabrics that drive us crazy, such as Japanese ones!

    In our workshop, we make beautiful and comfortable products for our daily life such as: toilet bags, various types of bags made of African cloth, purses made of wax cloth, document holders, cigarette cases, scarves made of batik cloth, polar necks for when it's very cold... Everything we make is 100% handmade, without any mechanized system, and above all, with all our love.

    We also make orders for individuals and companies: a personalized gift for a special person, or a gift for your employees, for a corporate trip, whatever!

    If you have seen a particular fabric or design that you have fallen in love with, contact us, you can send us orders through our email

    Ask us for an estimate and we will get to work.

  • African Wax Fabric

    We have long fallen in love with ethnic fabrics, especially African fabrics;

    Do you want to know the history of African fabric?

    All of our wax fabrics come from Senegal, are 100% cotton and are between 1.10 - 1.15 m wide.

    In Madibashop we choose the fabrics for their quality, prints and colors.

    We use them to make
    our creations, but we also want to share them with you.

    They are ideal for making crafts, DIY projects, patchwork, etc.

  • Bags and accessories

    In this section you will find bags and accessories that we have personally chosen for you.

    You will find articles created by ourselves, others made of leather that come from Morocco, also backpacks, fanny packs, scarves, polar necks, cigarette cases, etc.

    As far as leather goods are concerned, we travel to Morocco periodically where we have our loyal collaborators, leather artists, who work on them by hand in an exceptional way

    We hope you like them as much as we do

  • Earrings

    We are as passionate about earrings and quality as you are!

    That's why we've decided to include earrings in our online store.

    All our earrings are made of silver.

    Browse through the sub categories and you will find ethnic earrings made 100% by hand, modern silver earrings, long, short, for girls, combinations with different materials and stones... A luxury of variety!

    Do not miss it!

  • Necklaces

    Find the perfect necklace for every occasion.

    We have beautiful ethnic necklaces in this section, both for special occasions where you have to wear an amazing necklace, and summer and light necklaces.

    Search... and you'll find what you need!

  • Bracelets

    Find the perfect bracelet for every occasion.

    We have beautiful ethnic bracelets in this section, both for special occasions where you have to wear an amazing bracelet, and summer and light bracelets.

  • Ethnic rings

    Find the perfect ring for every occasion.

    100% handmade using the damascene technique, silver rings with combinations...

  • African art

    We love art!

    In this section we have different types of paintings and pieces of African art.

    Modou offers us African paintings in which we find representations of the daily life in the African culture, he also specializes in abstract art, and one thing that we liked very much is that in some of his paintings he combines painting with wax fabric, a very important piece of the African culture

    Mami, she is a super artist with sand, come in and discover what she can do with it!

    Boca is a great Senegalese painter, specialized in works that represent situations of everyday life. His works are exquisite.

    More information about the artists

  • African decoration
  • Ethnic Textiles
  • Fabric Face Mask for...

    Let's be responsible and act for the common good of all!

    Since it seems that the use of the mask is going to be compulsory for some time, and after getting bored of wearing the always white and ugly mask, we have decided to cheer up by using masks with nice fabrics and thus, give us a touch of colour when we go out in this strange situation...

    The World Health Organization (WHO) tells us how to put on, use, remove and dispose of a mask:

    - Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water.

    - Cover your mouth and nose with the mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.

    - Avoid touching the mask while you are wearing it; if you do, wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water.

    - Change your mask as soon as it is wet and do not reuse single-use masks.

    -To remove the mask: take it off from behind (do not touch the front of the mask); dispose of it immediately in a closed container; and wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water.

  • Clothing

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