In our online store you will find different products of quality ethnic handcrafts.

In the Madibashop workshop we create accessories such as: African fabric bags, ethnic purses and toilet bags, fabric tobacco pouches, polar necks, travel document holders... mainly using African
wax and Japanese fabric although we adapt to each project.

We always maintain at all times the artisan process and the quality of the materials we use. All our creations are 100% handmade by us without machinery or automated processes. With which we intend to give a special and unique value to each piece.

We also offer quality jewellery: sterling silver earrings, smooth or combined as for example silver earrings with mother-of-pearl. Ethnic or modern earrings, find your style!

African necklaces made by groups of working women, Tuareg style, ethnic bracelets made with techniques as old as damascene and rings.

We love Tuareg and Kabylie jewellery, very exotic items and delicately handcrafted. A luxury of variety. Leather bags for women, handmade and very well finished, leather handbags, African decorative items, wooden figures, ebony, musical instruments, textiles and African art paintings, with acrylic and sand painting and made with the batik technique.

Come in and discover everything we have selected for you!

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