Tablet / Laptop Cases

Tablet and laptop cases handmade in our own workshop in Barcelona.

100% handmade by us in our workshop in Barcelona @madibashopcom

We love sewing: designing and making is our passion!

We have been in love with ethnic fabrics for a long time; especially African and Japanese fabrics, although we also work with other fabrics such as Peruvian, Indian, etc... always looking to colour our lives!

In term of African fabrics, we love both wax and batik. ¿ Would you like to know the history of African fabrics??

The cases we have made for you are very practical and comfortable.

We have given them a wide opening to facilitate the entry of the device, and all of them have been lined and padded for maximum protection.

We make custom orders for individuals and companies: a personalised gift for a special person, or a gift for your employees, for a corporate trip, whatever!

If you have seen a fabric or a specific design that you have fallen in love with, please contact us, you can send us orders through our email

Ask us for a quote and we'll get to work!

Madibashop : Tablet and laptop cases made by hand. 100% handmade in our workshop in Barcelona

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