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Lost wax molding technique - Ashanti Bronze Parts:

The lost wax molding technique is a sculptural procedure that allows obtaining metal figures (in this case bronze) by means of a mold that is made from a prototype traditionally modeled in beeswax. This technology was developed in Antiquity independently and in parallel by the Sumerians, Indians, Chinese, Mesoamericans and Incas, which was adopted by contemporary or later civilizations.

For the manufacture of objects with the lost wax molding technique, a wax model is used. This previous model is surrounded by a thick layer of refractory material that solidifies; once hardened, it is put in an oven, which melts the wax figure, leaving it through holes created for that purpose (hence its name) and, instead, the molten metal is injected, which adopts the exact shape of the model . To extract the figure it is necessary to break the mold, which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

This way of working metal (bronze), requires a long, expensive and complicated process along with a perfect and adequate combination of various trades: for the general project and coordination, the sculptors; for the first steps, the shapers; for baking, smelters and for finishing, chisellers and skaters.


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