We are as passionate about earrings and quality as you are!

That's why we've decided to include earrings in our online store.

All our earrings are made of silver.

Browse through the sub categories and you will find ethnic earrings made 100% by hand, modern silver earrings, long, short, for girls, combinations with different materials and stones... A luxury of variety!

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Madibashop | Quality ethnic earrings: silver and combinations


  • Plain silver earrings

    We love earrings, and we have selected a great variety of quality silver for you !

  • Combined silver earrings

    We love earrings, and we have selected a great variety of silver in combination with other materials for you!

  • Kabylia earrings...

    Kabylia is a region in northern Algeria specialized in the technique of enamelling with a fine silver thread with which the drawing and subsequent decoration with enamels of different colours is made.

    Its jewels are known worldwide for their exquisiteness and exclusivity, and are made of Arab silver with 100% manual techniques in the desert of northern Algeria.

    They are made from earrings to bracelets and fabulous pendants.

    In Madibashop we would like to gradually enlarge our catalogue of this type of jewellery and we hope to bring you more products very soon!

    More information about Kabylia

  • Tuareg / Berber earrings

    The Tuareg are a nomadic population living in the Western Sahara regions between Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Mali and Niger: descendants of the Berbers.

    Their jewellery is known worldwide for its exquisiteness and exclusivity, and is made from Arab silver using 100% hand-made techniques.

    More information about the tuareg

  • Akessbi earrings,...

    Damascene is a technique of incrustation of precious metals into other metals.

    Our collaborator Akessbi Fouad is an artist of this technique, which dates back to very ancient times. He makes earrings, bracelets and rings

    More information about Akessbi and damascene

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