FREE shipping on orders over 100€ BUY NOW was born with the passion to create and offer beautiful articles that people like as much as we do.

We are passionate about craftsmanship and all that product that brings something special both for its characteristics and for its creation process.

At we want to offer customers a collection of exclusive ethnic items, handmade and chosen with love.
In the section of our creations, you can find products that I created myself with African fabrics. I love to merge the colors and textures so alive that it offers us in the African continent with western concepts.

We are in constant collaboration with local artists from different parts of Africa and Asia at the moment and trying to expand our field.
We want to get to the origin of the product, know how it is manufactured and who does it. It is a priority for us to give this value to our artists, without them this would not be possible.

We hope you like our selection and we are open to opinions and suggestions!


Yaiza Ibáñez


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