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Carnelian Agate:

It is a precious gem since ancient times, either for its beauty as well as its hardness. In the East it was used since 3,000 years before the Christian era for decoration and practical objects, such as glasses and containers. In ancient Rome it was loved to carve the Agate so that a drawing or a recognizable figure could be seen.

The carnelian agate mineral stone belongs to the Chalcedonian group, and these in turn belong to the cryptocrystalline quartz. It has a beautiful reddish orange color as a result of the presence of iron oxide in this precious gem.

The carnelian agate stone is, in many cultures, one of the most powerful and stimulating energy stones, for its contribution of energy, vitality and motivation.

They call it the stone of fidelity because it has the same color of a sunset that disappears on the horizon, but always returns.
With it you will achieve the internal balance fruit of a positive energy contribution, accompanied by an important recovery of the illusion of your day to day.

Black agate:

One of the most impressive and enigmatic stones in the universe of this rock is undoubtedly the black agate. Its aura of mysticism and its striking color make it one of the most attractive varieties in the jewelry market.

Black agate is one of the rarest variants of agate stone. Its tones range from black to dark brown, through gray.

It is the quintessential auric sealant and is widely valued in the field of high-end jewelry for its rarity, simplicity and indisputable elegance.

In the energy field: it is associated with the search for success and the protection of its carrier.

In the ornamental field: it is used on silver frames especially for fine jewelry pieces.

In the area of healing: relief of tension and discomfort in the upper body and around the throat.

An unambiguous symbol of protection and vitality, the agate stone is considered the greatest ally to protect its wearer not only from external energy evils but also from physical discomforts and internal imbalances. Some cultures even claim that this gem has its greatest protection power concentrated in internal stabilizing elements, so, in some way, it is assumed as a tool for self protection.


According to legend, this gem would have been created when Cupid cut the nails of sleeping Venus and scattered them on the floor. As the parts of a divine creature do not die the divinities transformed them into a precious stone, which was later called Onyx.

Black onyx is one of the most popular stones in the world. It belongs to quartz and, for many; it is considered a protection stone, capable of effectively absorbing negative energy into positive. In general, it is believed that it can help, to a large extent, to prevent the lack of energy and in the development of both strength and endurance at the mental and physical level.

The onyx applied to the person helps to dissipate doubts and fears, increases calm and inner peace. It is also believed that it can cure hoarseness.

It is noteworthy that the onyx or onyx has been used by the most diverse cultures with multiple uses. And even if it is black there are onyx stones of other shades: white, brown, red ...


Nacre is also known as mother of pearl and is a material widely used in jewelry to make pieces especially with silver and gold. Nacre is an organic-inorganic element of normally white or yellow color that is bright and has iris reflections.

This material is created inside the shell of mollusks, such as oysters, among others. Compared to precious stones and other metals, this is a fairly fragile material.

Like the rest of materials that we can find in nature, mother of pearl also presents irregularities in its shape. Therefore each piece is different and has a different brightness and color, no two are the same.

Nacre is the substance with which pearls are formed. When a foreign element is introduced into a mollusk, it proceeds to cover it with a substance that it creates itself, nacre. The mollusk is lined by superimposed layers until it forms the pearl.

There are different varieties of mother of pearl depending on the type of shell or shellfish where it is formed. The base color is normally white, except Tahitian Nacre that is darker.

A very particular case is found in the nacre created by the Paua New Zealand shells, which have a spectacular intense greenish blue hue and incredible iridescent reflections, having a great resemblance to the Black Opal, which is why they have also been called Opals del Mar.
History of Nacre: Nacre has been used for centuries by the cultures of the East, especially in China and Japan, long before the Christian era. They used them to create sculptures, decorate objects, furniture and even make buttons.

The mother of pearl joined the world of jewelry with the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, in the sixteenth century, which caused the demand for this substance to grow extraordinarily. It was precisely Queen Elizabeth I of England, who in the sixteenth century gave the name "Mother of Pearl" to Nacre.

Volcanic stone:

Volcanic stones are stones that are formed by the cooling of lava, after volcano eruptions. The rapid cooling of the lava when it reaches the earth's surface or when it comes into contact with water causes many pores to form in the rock structure. Sometimes this sudden temperature change causes other crystals or semiprecious minerals such as obsidian to form.

Sometimes, this cooling also causes rocks formed entirely of glass, thus becoming an unalterable material. It is estimated that during the tertiary era an annual average of 3.8 to 4.2 cubic kilometers of volcanic rocks on Earth has been generated. Currently this stone is used for numerous tourist uses, as well as for the elaboration of rings, bracelets and earrings.

The jewels that are made with volcanic stones usually contain a great mystical energy and have a black or brown color. These tend to be combined with other materials such as silver, steel or other precious stones. In addition, these stones can be presented in two versions, in their natural state, with a porous and irregular appearance or going through a polishing process, which results in a bright smooth texture.


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